Class VerifiedClaimsConstraint

    • Constructor Detail

      • VerifiedClaimsConstraint

        public VerifiedClaimsConstraint()
    • Method Detail

      • getVerification

        public VerificationConstraint getVerification()
        Get the constraint for verification.
        The constraint for verification.
      • setVerification

        public void setVerification​(VerificationConstraint constraint)
        Set the constraint for verification.
        constraint - The constraint for verification.
      • getClaims

        public ClaimsConstraint getClaims()
        Get the constraint for claims.
        The constraint for claims.
      • setClaims

        public void setClaims​(ClaimsConstraint constraint)
        Set the constraint for claims.
        constraint - The constraint for claims.
      • isAllClaimsRequested

        public boolean isAllClaimsRequested()
        Get the flag that indicates whether verified_claims requires all possible claims.

        When the value of the "claims" is null like below, it is "interpreted as a request for all possible Claims."

           "verified_claims": {
             "claims": null

        This method returns true when "claims" does not exist or the value of "claims" is null.

        NOTE: In the Implementer's Draft 1 (ID1) of OpenID Connect for Identity Assurance 1.0, "claims":null has a special meaning. It is interpreted as "all possible claims". However, the special rule was removed from the ID2. Therefore, this method has been marked as deprecated.

        true if the constraint indicates that all possible claims are required.
      • extract

        public static VerifiedClaimsConstraint extract​(Map<?,​?> map,
                                                       String key)
                                                throws ConstraintException
        Create a VerifiedClaimsConstraint instance from an object in the given map.
        map - A map that may contain "verified_claims".
        key - The key that identifies the object in the map. In normal cases, the key is "verified_claims".
        A VerifiedClaimsConstraint instance that represents "verified_claims". Even if the map does not contain the given key, an instance of VerifiedClaimsConstraint is returned.
        ConstraintException - The structure of the map does not conform to the specification (OpenID Connect for Identity Assurance 1.0).