Class VerifiedClaimConstraint

    • Constructor Detail

      • VerifiedClaimConstraint

        public VerifiedClaimConstraint()
    • Method Detail

      • getPurpose

        public String getPurpose()
        Get the value of "purpose".
        The value of "purpose".
      • setPurpose

        public void setPurpose​(String purpose)
        Set the value of "purpose".
        value - The value of "purpose".
      • extract

        public static VerifiedClaimConstraint extract​(Object object,
                                                      String key)
                                               throws ConstraintException
        Create a VerifiedClaimConstraint instance from an object in the given map.
        map - A map that may contain a constraint.
        key - The key that identifies the object in the map.
        A VerifiedClaimConstraint instance that represents a constraint. Even if the map does not contain the given key, an instance of VerifiedClaimConstraint is returned.
        ConstraintException - The structure of the map does not conform to the specification (OpenID Connect for Identity Assurance 1.0).