Class Evidence

    • Method Detail

      • getType

        public String getType()
        Get the type of this evidence. The value given to the constructor of Evidence.
        The type of this evidence.
      • extract

        public static Evidence extract​(List<?> list,
                                       int index,
                                       String key)
                                throws IdentityAssuranceException
        Create an instance of a subclass of Evidence from an object in the given list.
        list - A list that represents an "evidence" array.
        index - The position in the list.
        key - The key that identifies the array. In normal cases, the key is "evidence".
        An instance of a subclass of Evidence that represents the element in the "evidence" array.
        IdentityAssuranceException - The structure of the object does not conform to the specification (OpenID Connect for Identity Assurance 1.0).